The SCSS Annual Show and Sale takes place the first weekend in May at the Shepard Garden and Arts Center. It features both an exhibition of members' most prized specimens as well as a plant sale with an impressive selection of succulents.

The 2016 Show was a big success, with record turnout and possibly the best specimens ever entered into the juried exhibition.Click here to see photos from the 2016 Show.

The 2016 Best in Show Awards went to:

Best Plant in Show  Obregonia denegrii crest  Bill Munkacsy 
Best Cactus Advanced  Melocactus glaucescens  Penny Newell 
Best Succulent Advanced  Fockea edulis  Keith Taylor 
Best Cactus Open  Thelocactus phymtothelos  Elton Roberts 
Best Succulent Open  Adenia spinosa  Peter Walkowiak 
Best Cactus Novice  Echinopsis ‘Rainbow Burst’  Rudy Aguilar 
Best Succulent Novice  Agave 'Kissho kan' Greg Luteff 
Best Cactus Junior  None 
Best Succulent Junior  None 
Best Agave  Agave 'Kissho kan' Greg Luteff 
Best Aloe  Aloe pearsonii  Penny Newell 
Best Ariocarpus  Ariocarpus trigonus  Keith Taylor 
Best Cactus Collection  None 
Best Caudiciform  Fockea edulis  Keith Taylor 
Best Cereus  Echinocereus engelmanii  Peter Beiersdorfer 
Best Copiapoa  Copiapoa serpentisulcata  Penny Newell 
Best Crassula  Crassula barklyi  Peter Beiersdorfer 
Best Crest  Obregonia denegrii  Bill Munkacsy 
Best Dish Garden  ‘Mother Gaia is Reborn’  George Avery 
Best Euphorbia  Euphorbia clandestina  Keith Taylor 
Best Ferocactus  Leuchenbergia principis  Keith Taylor 
Best Gymnocalycium  Gymnocalycium mihanovichii  Bill Munkacsy 
Best Haworthia  Haworthia ‘Jim Smith Hybrid’  David Calibo 
Best Madagascan Succulent  Aloe castilloniae  Naomi Bloss 
Best Mammillaria  Mammillaria melaleuca  Peter Walkowiak 
Best Mesemb  Mestoklema arboriforme  Peter Beiersdorfer 
Best Miniature Cactus  Copiapoa tenuissima  Peter Beiersdorfer 
Best Miniature Succulent  Echeveria sp.  Penny Newell 
Best Notocactus  Notocactus magnificus  Oksun Avery 
Best Opuntia  Opuntia whitneyana  Peter Beiersdorfer 
Best Planter  ‘Cascading Elegance’  Donna Taylor 
Best Rebutia  Sulcorebutia aranaceae  Bill Munkacsy 
Best Sansevieria  Sansevieria patens  Dennis Ragasa 
Best Succulent Collection  Euphorbia medusoid/globose types  Peter Beiersdorfer 
Best Variegate (Cactus/Succulent)  Echeveria ‘Lenore Dean’  Davis Calibo 


The Shadowbox Awards, chosen by popular vote, went to:

1: Cher’e Peterson
2: Sandra & Veronica Brookshaw
3: Patty Whitmire
Honorable Mentions: Michelle Egan and Sue Ballenger


The 2017 Show and Sale will take place on May 6 and 7, 2017.


Shepard Garden and Arts Center
3330 McKinley Blvd. 
Sacramento, CA 95816

Map and directions

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Mini Shows

In addition, Mini Shows are held at each meeting (except in September and December) for members to compete and show off their plants. The goal is to encourage members to have pride in their plants and to give them confidence to show their plants at the Annual Show. Here are the rules:

  1. You may enter one cactus and/or one succulent in the featured plant categories.
  2. You must have owned the plant for at least three months. If you acquired a plant in January, you can show it in April.
  3. On an entry form, enter the genus and species, if known, and your name. Fold the form on the dotted line so that your name does not show. Place the form and a bean cup near your plant.
  4. First, second, third and honorable mention will be chosen based on total number of beans (votes) in cup. Ties are possible.
  5. First prize earns 4 points, second, 3 points, third 2 points, and honorable mention 1 point. Points are cumulative throughout the year. The person receiving the most votes at the end of the year is the Mini-Show Winner and will receive an engraved plaque at the January meeting. The plaque is surrendered each year to the new winner.

The 2017 Mini Show themes are as follows:

2017 Mini Show Themes









Parodia (Notocactus)





Dudleya Thelocactus


Mesembs Epiphyllum


Adenium Discocactus


Anacampseros/Avonia Epilantha


Euphorbia caudiform Turbinocarpus


Cotyledon Coryphantha/Escobaria


Adromischus Copiapoa


South African bulbs Crest/Monstrose


For more information, please email SCSS.